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For those of you that are into Labyrinth-like movies, one comes out today:


[MirrorMask] starts in selected cinemas. If people want it to come where they are, the best thing that they can do is encourage their friends who live where it's showing to see it in its first week. Because the number of bodies per screen in that first week determines whether that was it for MirrorMask, or whether they roll it out somewhere else in week two.

Limited release... I know the Landmark Cinemas are showing it, and the official page lists what other theaters are showing it. You KNOW you want to help out Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean ;).

My friends and I are planning to go Saturday I do believe. :D I'm very excited. Should be a WAY cool movie.

And, for your reading pleasure, the rest of the Gaiman interview that is quoted above, cause he rocks my socks. :D
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