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Halloween Jack (x-posted)

Just wanted to share my newest Halloween painting. He's up for auction and I'll be offering him as a print in my eBay store for $7 soon.
Each year in Ireland, on All Hallows Eve,a tale that has been whispered through generations, is told of a man named Jack.
Banished from both heaven and hell, his plight is to wander as an immortal for all eternity.
Here, Jack stoops on a graveyard tomb, beneath a withering oak, shedding bitter tears like fallen leaves,for the parody his existence has become, and for loves lost through the centuries.

I've called it 'The Gods forgot they made me' and it was a nice oppurtunity to paint on a circular canvas, though scanning and piecing it together was possibly the biggest head trip I've had since trigonomotry.
My fiance la_lune says Jack looks a little like me-I guess the weathered look is me, though thankfully my hair hasn't turned white just yet.

The auction link is below:
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