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This community is for everything dealing in the world of fantasy, or the fantastic. Books, movies, comics, games, stories, art. This is somewhat of a combination of a bunch of other JL comunities on here. :) Well, there is also a slight gothic/horror twist, but that might just be me. Either way, enjoy!!

*shameless plug*
I run a role-playing game through yahoogroups. It is a fantasy game that allows characters from anywhere in the genre to interact through Xanth, the 10 kingdoms, and many other places. Go check it out at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/All-That-Glitters :).

My other communities:

chioffbeat: A place to find Chicagoland area alternative events, or anywhere in IL.

freetobelieve: A community to talk freely about religion. ALL religion, or the lack there-of.

wildkingdom: All about life science of any kind.

talkingtaboo: Just what is says, a place to talk about things that others shy away from.